May 24, 2007

Sexy Patient

I am Raja, a young medical doctor, from Calcutta, currently working in London. Girls find me very good looking, caring and sensitive at the same time and my patients confide with me very easily. I really respect the doctor-patient relationship, but am not ashamed to admit that lapses occur as we are human after all! The incident I am going to narrate is a real life story. I guess a little bit of imagination is necessary for complete description of one’s fantasy. Those days I was working in a Govt. hospital at Calcutta, studying for the exam to come to the UK. I also used to attend a clinic of one of the GPs when he had some other commitments so that his practise doesn’t suffer. It also gave me clinical experience out of hospital work and chance to break the monotony. It was early spring, not too warm and the mild breeze was helping things. There was something in the season that made people more attracted towards the opposite sex, I presume. I was leafing through one of the medical journals after discharging few patients and it was late evening when I heard a car stopping in front of the gate. She came like the evening breeze; the waft of her delicate perfume filled the chamber with a sensual overtone.

She was beautiful. Sumi was her name, I still remember. She was in her early twenties (if I was allowed to guess), wearing an expensive navy blue silk sari, sleeveless blouse to match and her hair was done in a clumsy bun. Her complexion was of young wheat just before the first harvest in autumn, her figure was just ripe, and she wore a very soft make up and had just gloss on her lips. I bet you couldn’t take your eyes off her, it wasn’t just her beauty but the sheer sex appeal was too much to resist. The smooth bare skin of her fair arms, the exposed deep navel visible just above the nicely draped sari, the moistness of her glossy lips and her twinkling big eyes were all God’s gift to men and also traps to slip into. She was in a hurry and in some distress… “Where is the doctor?” were her first words. She had a soft melodious voice to match her feminity. I quickly regained my composure and explained that I was covering for the GP she expected to see. Sumi looked fully at me, trying to gauge my experience and knowledge and hesitated to consult a young doctor. However, I quickly won her confidence. I had a professional at the same time friendly tone of voice and mannerism to go with. I appeared to offer genuine help. Sumi told me that she had cut her ankle as she was rushing out of her friend’’s house and fell over the gravelled path. It was bleeding profusely and hurting her like mad. She had covered it with some cotton wool and I could see beads of sweat over her forehead, glistening in her eyes and occasional winces that conveyed her obvious distress and pain. I made her comfortable in the couch, offered her cold water and increased the fan speed of the A/C. I took her wrist and examined the pulse, which was racing in pain and excitement. I scrubbed my hands and prepared a tray to dress her wound.
It was just above the right ankle, not too deep, but still bleeding. I looked at her feet. Her feet were perfectly pedicured, the toes were delicate and as I had requested her to draw the sari up to the knees, I could see her legs were smoothly shaven, perfectly shaped and very inviting. I had my pulse racing beholding the her beautiful figure, touching her smooth skin, listening to her sweet voice and thinking of … I had to be professional .Her tears were now rolling down her rosy cheeks and that made her look very vulnerable.

I quickly cleaned the wound and she winced in pain “Uhh…” She clutched my arm and closed her eyes. I reassured her and gently squeezed the clotted blood out of the wound. I had to apply pressure to ensure all the bleeding has stopped, all the while she held me like a little pussy cat. I liked her confidence in me and the ability to support a lovely and sexy woman in distress. I applied Betadine dressing and put a micropore bandage to keep the dressing in place. Sumi was still lying down, eyes closed, her breaths were heavy, her bosom rising and falling in a gentle rhythm. That was the first time I glanced at her bosoms with interest. The two melons were big, but proportionate, I would say 36 C. The pallu of her sari was bit deranged during the painful dressing session and the right breast laid exposed. I had my eyes propped out when I realised that Sumi wasn’t wearing any bra. The right breast was only covered by the delicate silk of the blouse and the cold air and the excitement made the areola and the nipple quite prominent and visible through the fabric. It wasn’t transparent though as the quality of the silk she was wearing was very good. The full outline of her ripe breast and the erection of her nipple through the fabric distracted me all together. The terrific sight of her full, ripe boobs heaving gently and the delicate contour of the sides of her breasts were too tempting to resist a squeeze. I was breathless myself and after a while was breathing heavily. I was also aware of the exposed midriff of Sumi, silky smooth and creamy. The navel was completely in view, it was deep and inviting, and the edge around the hole was gradually sloping and had beads of perspiration all around it. I could feel my blood rushing and the fullness that was pressing my brief in the front. The silence made Sumi open her eyes and she looked at me. I was so embarrassed to find that she realised where I was staring at. Sumi quickly arranged the pallu and also sat up covering her bare arms with the sari.

“Thank you doctor. Do you want to give me any prescription to take home with me?” she enquired. I was in no mood to let her go so soon and of course there was a genuine medical reason for it. The tetanus toxoid vaccination. “Miss Ray, when was the last time you had a tetanus vaccine?” I asked matter of factly.
Sumi looked frightened. She couldn’t remember it. Maybe when she was young she had the routine vaccinations. But no recollections of any tetanus shots recently. I explained her in my smooth professional tone that it could be dangerous and an injection is mandatory for open street wounds. Sumi’s eyes moistened again. She was really frightened of needles. I used my skills again and convinced her of my dexterity. I made her sit in the couch, switched on the CD player which was playing a sweet santoor recital and prepared the injection. It was a small amount of liquid, whitish in colour which I drew in a 2 cc syringe. I took a cotton swab dipped in alcohol and put in the tray. “It is going to be very quick, you won’t feel a thing.” I maintained. “Can I have a look at your left upper arm Sumi, it will be the best place to give this injection” I pointed out her left upper arm and it was the first time I called by her name. Sumi removed the pallu from her left shoulder and bared the full arm, smooth and soft, fair and rounded and of course had what I was looking for, longing for and expecting to see.

A big, round and perfectly placed beautiful vaccination scar. “TIKA”.
One of those scar marks people used to get from smallpox vaccinations. After 1980 WHO declared world free from small pox and routine smallpox vaccination was stopped only to be used in emergencies as bio-terrorism. It was the type of scar most people are familiar with in their upper arms or outer thighs, who are born before 1980. The size of her “tika” was of one rupee coin, slightly pitted, a bit darker than her fair skin and perfectly round. It was the mark that I adored on women’s arms. It makes them ever so sexy to me. This “tika” was in the centre of her smooth deltoid and was very inviting to touch. From this point, for a while the story might appear a bit odd to some, but am sure others will find it attractive and everyone will read it nevertheless. Since I was young, pubertal and maturing I had this wonderful fascination with vaccination scars or “tika” marks on lovely women’s smooth upper arms. I used to look at the bare sleeveless arms of young and mature women bearing these marks and had developed a kind of fetish towards it. When I was in medical college I took time to examine these scar marks and liked to inject women into these “tika” or just beside it. I took time to feel these marks and got hard on. In Indian or foreign films actresses with these vaccination scars attract me most. Beautiful actresses like Hema malini from older days and Priety Zinta from our generation bear gorgeous vaccination marks which I find terrific. Hollywood bombshells like Sharon Stone, Catherine Zeta Jones and many others increase their sex appeal many times by exposing their scar marks. Now, continuing with the story. I was already enthralled by Sumi’s beauty and sex appeal, and now this vaccination scar completely swept me off my feet.
I had felt many vaccination scars and injected women in their arms bearing those marks, but Sumi appeared completely perfect from my fantasy. Her beauties, grace, appeal and overall this big, round “tika” scar on her left arm made me feel dizzy. It was all I wanted. I couldn’t control my feelings anymore. Sumi noticed that I was not doing anything for a while but staring straight at her vaccination mark. “It is quite big, isn’t it, and it shows when I wear sleeveless blouse or kameez, some of my friends who have arm vaccination scars don’t like it, but I quite enjoy it, like a tattoo” Sumi told me, making me comfortable. I told her that she looked even more attractive with this vaccination scar and I had to admit to her how much I liked them on women’s arms. She seemed to enjoy the conversation and my fascination towards her and her arm scar. “I received only one vaccination and have one scar mark, my elder sister, Rimi, has two on her left arm and my mother has two in both arms” Sumi said. “Many of my friends have one or two vaccination scars on their arms, some have them on their thighs” I was pleased that she didn’t find me odd. Mastering courage I asked her, “Can I feel your tika mark Sumi? If you don’t mind”. She smiled and I knew what it meant. I was trembling in excitement and my finger tips were longing for this delicate touch. I felt the smoothness of her arm, the softness of her skin and then I rested my index finger tip on her vaccination scar. I slightly rubbed the scar, the feeling was divine. I continued to feel the vaccination scar and the surrounding smooth areas of her arm for a while, I didn’t want to stop. My tool became rock hard and it wanted to bulge out of its confines. ”Ohh..” it was heavenly. I could feel Sumi trembling in excitement as well, she looked at my face, saw my pleasure and moaned “Ahh”. I was caressing the vaccination scar and at the same time was feasting on her gorgeous assets. Her big boobs, slightly erect nipples, her deep navel and smooth curvy bums were all for me at that moment. My rock hard member was oozing pre cum I could sense, and could do nothing about. I didn’t want the moments to pass by. I wanted Sumi; I wanted to have passionate sex with her. I wanted to fuck her hard. Sense prevailed after a while. I remembered the doctor’s duties. The Hippocratic oath and all that. I took my hands off Sumi.
She was enjoying all these moments, with closed eyes. She also became aware of the erotic sensations going in the room and realised her responsibilities. She was embarrassed and was blushing. I quickly diluted a bit of erotic tension and moved to the injection tray. I swabbed her upper arm with alcohol swipe, took time to swab her big, round vaccination scar and the areas around it and allowed few seconds for the alcohol to evaporate and the skin to dry for the injection. “Are you going to inject me into the vaccination mark doctor?” Sumi was reading my thoughts now. The way I was focussing on her “tika” scar and the amount of time I took to rub the cotton wool with alcohol over the mark, there could be no two ways about it. I also saw her glancing at my loins and I am sure she observed the huge bulge. “Sumi, I will have to inject this tetanus toxoid in your upper arm, in the deltoid. Your tika is big and in the centre of your upper arm muscle. I am sorry this needle has to go right into the middle of your tika” “You doctors like to inject in and around the tika marks, I have noticed. In the winter my didi had a bout of asthma and required two injections daily for five days. The doctor you are covering for attended her and gave all the injections. He injected all the needles in her arms, twice a day and would you believe it, apart from one all the injections were given in her left arm which had two big vaccination scars. The doctor punctured her vaccination scars again and again. Didi, like me also finds arm scars interesting and didn’t protest. I think she likes injections.” Sumi knew what she was talking about. I wondered about meeting her elder sister and if opportunity beckons may get a chance to see her tika marks and inject into them as well. I took the syringe and spurted the fluid. Sumi was trembling at the sight of the needle in my hand as I approached her. I concentrated on the tika mark; Sumi was looking at her own arm as well. The needle glistened a bit and I punctured her smooth arm, right in the centre of the big, shiny vaccination scar. “Oohh..” she moaned as the needle entered her arm. I didn’t push the fluid. I savoured the moment of the needle in her arm, penetrating her tika. Sumi looked at it, and then looked at me. I slowly pushed the toxoid. “Oohh..” she moaned again. I again took time to withdraw the syringe and put my bare fingers on the injection spot. A tiny drop of blood oozed out. I swabbed it with cotton wool and pressed at that point for a while. The injection was complete. Sumi also experienced a sort of eroticism and excitement. My presence, nice words, admiration towards her, touches and feels all worked miracles. But, she had to leave. I prescribed her a course of antibiotics and painkillers and advised her to see me in a week.

She thanked me, paid my fees and left the chamber. I was still in fantasy world, savouring those past moments of joy and enjoyment. I knew I would see her soon. All the next day I only thought about her. I couldn’t concentrate on studies or work. Her luscious body was in my mind all the time. And of course I couldn’t forget her vaccination mark in her beautiful arm. I was waiting for her all the time. As I was not working for the GP in the next week, I panicked. She will go to the original GP and I will miss her. I was really feeling frustrated and helpless. God smiled at me though. The GP called me the next day to say that Sumi had called the chamber to request me to make a home visit. I was more than delighted. Though I thought what went wrong. She was to visit after a week. Why she wanted a home visit in two days. I knew she liked me, and my touches and the conversation and had faith in me. Next day, I finished hospital work quickly and prepared to visit the Ray’s house. I groomed well, took a nice shower and shaved again. Applied nice perfume and after shave and wore an elegant silk shirt in black and stone chinos. I drove to their house in the evening and rang the doorbell. Wow! To my amazement I was greeted by a gorgeous young lady with a smile to match. She introduced herself as Rimi, i.e. Sumi’s elder sister. She was a real beauty. May be a couple of years older to her, a bit plumper in figure and had a sexy smile. My eyes were roaming over her curvy figure. Her boobs were trying to break out of the confines of the sleeveless T- shirt Rimi was wearing. They were big and a bit sagging. Rimi wasn’t wearing any bra. The nipples were quite visible and they were poking out of the light cotton material of the white printed T- shirt. She was wearing jeans. I couldn’t take my eyes off her ass, bouncy and big as she showed me the room upstairs to attend Sumi.

I remembered Sumi’s words about her sister. It made me skip a heart beat. Rimi had two beautiful vaccination marks on her left arm, big and round, one just below the shoulder and the other few inches below it. They contrasted beautifully against her fair, smooth skin and wanted to be touched. Sumi was reclining against the headboard of her bed watching a fashion programme on the TV. She welcomed me and invited me to sit in the chair beside the bed. As always she was looking stunning. Today she was wearing a black cotton nightie, and I realised she wasn’t wearing a bra either. The sleeveless nightie revealed her silky smooth shaven arms and I glanced again on her inviting tika scar that I caressed the other day and injected into. Rimi brought me a glass of Coke with lemon slice. Her room was spacious, scattered with books, CDs, magazines and clothes. She apologised for being clumsy. She said she was doing well and recovered very quickly. I examined her wound, it was nice and dry. I was pleased with it. I told her that and wondered why she asked me pay a home visit when everything was fine. Rimi read my mind. “Doctor can you examine Sumi’s injection site. For last two days she is complaining of pain her arm where you injected her” I looked at Sumi and her tika mark. It was beautiful, large and shiny, pitted in the middle and stood out boldly like a tattoo perfectly drawn. I stood up, trembling a bit, my pulse was racing and blood rushing to my loins. Rimi also accompanied me to Sumi’s bedside and before I did anything she started to feel Sumi’s vaccination scar. “You injected her here, didn’t you doctor. Over her tika”. She was caressing the scar and feeling her sister’s arm. I was spellbound to find this act. She then started to feel her other arm, and her whole body. I wasn’t expecting this. It was too good. Rimi was feeling Sumi’s boobs, pinching her nipples and going inside her nightie at times to feel her deep navel. Sumi was enjoying all this and responded with moans. “How do you find these doctor?” Rimi extended her beautiful arm. I couldn’t resist but touch her beautiful vaccination scars and caressed them for a while. I was losing control in front of two beautiful, sexy sisters. I started to realise that they planned this ahead. Now, Sumi took over. She was touching Rimi. Her boobs, her arms, caressing her vaccination scars and then she kissed Rimi straight in her lips. The lips were locked for a minute or so. I thought I should do something to my hard tool. But the girls were thinking faster. Sumi had one hand on her sister’s breast and started to feel my hardness with the other hand. Rimi joined her too.

Ohh my God I was bursting in excitement, I was moaning and panting. Rimi quickly unzipped my fly and before I could imagine Sumi opened the pulled down my brief to expose my 8 inch long erect dick which was hard as a pole by this time. It was pointing at 90 degree angle and both the sisters pounced on it. They sucked and sucked, slurping noise filled the room, my moans were even louder, I couldn’t hold it any more. Two gorgeous girls sucking on my tool, their arms were beautifully vaccinated by an artist of a doctor resulting in large tika scars. Their boobs bouncing up and down with every motion of their hand and lips. It was my fantasy coming true and I exploded. My sticky cum flowed from my cock. The white fluid oozed out of the sisters’ lips. They continued to suck and suck and I moaned “Ahhhh”. I could see both the hungry sisters continue sucking on my limp cock and they wanted it to rise again, to give them pleasure, to fuck them hard. By this time all the inhibitions were gone. I took control. Quickly removed Sumi’s nightie and Rimi took off her T-Shirt. Sumi was unbuttoning Rimi’s jeans when I concentrated on their big boobs. It was a feast in reality.

I cupped Sumi’s big boobs in one hand and was sucking on Rimi’s even plumper melons. Their nipples were erect and I used my tongue and teeth to molest them, squeeze them roughly and bite at them frequently. I had to be energetic to satisfy two sexy girls. I was sucking and squeezing their boobs alternately and feeling all over their bodies at the same time. I caressed Rimi’s tika and Sumi moved up to find my own vaccination scar on my left upper arm. Sumi’s touch on my tika made me energetic again. She was touching it delicately, then started to use her tongue to slurp over it. I was moaning again. Sumi then started to suck on my nipples and used her teeth to bite on them. Rimi broke out and I found she was parting Sumi’s thighs. I continued to kiss Sumi forcefully and squeeze her big tits and feel her vaccination mark at the same time. Her fair skin became red and her breast appeared bruised. I could see her vaccination scar having the tiny puncture mark of my needle, it made me hornier and sucked her arm scar. I felt her deep navel and was fingering it with frenzy. Rimi was fingering Sumi’s clit and finger fucking her. Sumi was in heaven. She was moaning “Fuck me hard…oohhhhhhhh”. Rimi was sucking her clit at this time, fingering her ass hole. I was sucking at her boobs and she couldn’t take it any more. She was cumming like crazy, juices flowing all over her cunt and she was exhausted at the frenzied molestation and hard stimulation of her erogenous zones. I was excited too and moved Rimi from Sumi’s cunt and entered her forcefully. She cried in pain as my erect dick penetrated her fully and pumped into her. I became mad. I couldn’t handle all these erotic scenarios. It was mind blowing stuff. I was cumming into Sumi’s hole. Rimi was stimulating her breasts and sucking on my nipples.

We had sex for more than fifteen minutes before we parted. I concentrated on Rimi next. I started to kiss her again gently squeezing her breasts. I increased speed of my squeezing and was feasting on her two beautiful vaccination marks. It made me hard again. Before I could lay my hands on Sumi again I found her sucking on my hard cock. It was like a dream to be in the room with two sexy girls having passionate sex. My tool ached to enter pussies again. Sumi was using her hand to stimulate my dick and sucking on Rimi’s cunt. Rimi was cumming after all this vigorous rubbing and I put my erect cock into Rimi’s hole. I pumped harder and harder and at the same time squeezed her boobs. Sumi had put her lips into mine and was caressing Rimi’s vaccination scars and my tika marks alternately, sending us to heaven. I could sense my balls rumbling and my cum flowing like lava from a volcano. It was too difficult to take out my dick from Rimi’s deep hole. I came inside her. We laid there for hours after getting exhausted by this mind blowing sexual act. I still caressed both the nude sisters and had erotic conversation before I left them to meet again.

I love my Aunty

This is Sandeep. I am 25 average body, tall guy from Delhi (belong to sikh family). I have gone through this site n liked the stories very much. After reading the stories I also decided to send in my own true first time sex escapade with my Aunt. She is 36 with average boobs,huge ass n slightly plumply stomach.

Her name is Harleen. She was my chachi in relation. Now let me start the incident. Our family and Chacha's family used to stay in different homes. There was sudden death of my Grandmother who used to stay in village in Punjab. My Mom and dad and Chacha Ji had to go there. Chachi couldn't go because her 9 year old son had to go to school. So my parents decided to leave me with chachi.My parents left in morning at 4 o'clock. I slept at my chachi's home that night. I had never had any bad intentions about my chachi like fucking her and stuff. I used to think that mature ladies are not good for sex.Although I had a Girlfriend but we never had sex. We were just friends.I got up at 8 in the morning and got ready and went for my Job.I came back at 6 in the afternoon.Chachi was busy in some work. I went to the kitchen,had some tea and went to my friends place.I returned back at 8 in the evening.Chachi said "Kabhi ghar bhi baith jaya karo"(try to stay at home sometimes).

I didn't say anythingand went to take bath.At about 9.00 I went to lobby and started watching T.V with my chachi.We had some talk about out families.And then I asked her that where should I sleep as I have to study late till night.She said u go to Chacha's study room and sleep there.I studied for 1 hour and slept there.In the morning I got up and went straight to her room.She was not there as she had gone to take bath.I stayed in her bed and started playing with Simran(her son).After sometime she opened the bathroom door and to my amazement she was standing there in only her pink bra and black panties. I almost froze there. She quickly went back in and came back after wearing her last night's nighty.She didn't say anything to me coz she thought it was a coincidence. I had my break fast and left for tuition. To make the rest part short…During the day her white thighs and white stomach kept coming in front of my eyes. I couldnt indulge in studies any more. When I was studying at night (rather thinking about her) she came to my room. She was holding Johnsons baby oil in one hand and came and sat beside me. She said that she was having too much pain her head and can I massage some onto it. I said my pleasure and started massaging her temples and forehead. She was lying on a pillow and I was massaging her head. She said that u r a very good massager. I said that I had learnt body massage from my friends mom who owned a beauty parlour (although I had not learnt it, I had just watched my friends mom giving him and me a very nice body massage). She said really..? I again said yes.

She said I wont get a body massage but plz massage some oil on my legs. I agreed readily. She was wearing night. I pulled her nighty upto her knees and started massaging her legs. Her white legs made my cock sprang to action immediately. But I covered it and tried to act decent. I used to go upto her knees and slightly touch her thighs as if incidentally. She had closed her eyes and was trying to relax. I couldnt control myself and thought it is now or never. I pulled her nighty upto stomach. She got startled and sat upright. She said what r u doing. I said massaging ur thighs. She said leave me alone. I said I swear I wont do any bad thing I just wanted to massage her. She said ok..But dont try to act smart. I again started massaging her smooth white thighs. I kept on telling her how beautiful she was and how lucky chacha ji is to have her as their wife. She just giggled away.She was wearing a white coloured panty with little pink flowers. I kept on massaging her thighs. I had heard that ladies get hot if we massage their inner thighs. I asked her to turn around. She turned onto her stomach and I started massaging her back parts of thighs. I knew she was moaning but it was very very low. I slowly pulled her nighty more upwards. She didnt resist maybe she hadnt felt it thats why. I started massaging her lower back …..moving my hands up in a very erotic manner. I knew she was totally hot but you all know ladies will not say anything from their mouth. I kept massaging her back for sometime. Then I moved more up and opened her Bra strap from behind. She said very slowly that please dont open it.. I carried on my work of massaging her as if I have not heard her.

Then I asked her to turn around on her back. When she was on her back I lifted the nighty from the front side. OH God…I cant forget the sight of her white plumply stomach with barely visible birth mark scars. It almost made my cock tear my underpants. I started moving my hands on her side of stomach. She had her eyes closed. I went up to her boobs and gently pulled her bra down which was already open from behind. It came down easily. But she held her hand to her bra…not letting it go. I said please dont be shy.Body massage is really very relaxing. I applied some force and took of her bra. She covered hr boobs with both her hand and started saying that it is bad thing….I am ur chachi…what if u r chacha comes to know. I said he wont come to know…Who would tell him??.She was still stopping me. But I kept on massaging her boobs which were not that big. Her nipples were erect. I couldnt control myself and threw myself on her and straight away kissed and started sucking her lips. She was pushing me aside. But with not much force. I broke mine kiss and said Chachi u r the most sexy lady I have ever seen. I started praising her beautiful body. Again and again saying How lucky chacha is to have her. She said u r buttering me. I said no.. I said Chachi I want to see u fully naked. She said y dont u go to ur Girlfriend and see her nude ( I had told her that I had a girlfriend many days back).I said u r more sexy then her. She said she is 22 n I am 36 …how can I be more sexy. I kissed her boobs and said my Girlfriend doesnt have these such big. She started laughing.I kept sucking her nipples.She pressed my head to her boobs and started moaning lightly.

My one hand was massaging her inner thighs. She was very hot. When I put my hand on her pussy she pulled my hand away. But I again put my hand there. Her panty was almost wet. I started my downwards journey by licking her each and every part from boobs to navel and started moving down. When I reached her pussy I kissed her pussy over her panties and then again moved down..licking her thighs and legs and toes and then the other leg. I started moving upwards again. When I reached her pussy again I pulled her panties down. She moved her butt a little bit in air and helped me take off her panty.And there it was….The great luv triangle covered in a forest of thick bush(she had never shaved).I kissed her on top of the thick hair and she moaned. I put my hands on her mound of love and pushed the hair aside and kissed her clit gently. I had seen a lot of xxx movies so I knew how to lick a lady. I lubricated my finger with my mouth and put it in her cunt. She moaned like aaaaahhhhhhh……it is very good..Sandy go on……I started finger fucking her and side by side licking her clit. I took her clit in my mouth and started rolling my tongue over it. Her pussy became totally wet in no time. And suddenly I dont know what happened..She pushed my face to her pussy with her both hands….and her whole abdomen area started shivering…she put her legs aroung my neck and white thick fluid dripped out of her pussy.

Afterwards I came to know it was an orgasm. Then I got up and took off my pyjama. She got startled when she saw my cock. She said ur cock is almost 8 inches. She said she had never seen such a big cock. She took it in her hand and started moving it up and down. I said lets have sex. She said sorry Sandy I dont want to have sex today maybe someday else. I forced her very much and she agree. She said we can have oral sex first and then sex. I said ok. She orgasmed 5 times that night. I just like satisfying ladies in what ever way they want. I luv to lick their pussies most and having intercourse. I get real satisfaction from their satisfaction. We have had sex after that. We enjoyed whole night. She has gone to Canada now with Chacha and Simran. I am also planning to go there by next year.

Masti in Bus

I am a 26 yr old guy living in Delhi and want to share my set of experience in a crowded bus of Delhi. This incident happened around one month back. One evening around 7:00’ clock in the evening I was waiting for a bus from South Extension to Azadpur, as I want to go to Punjabi bagh. Its wintertime in Delhi so it’s very dark at this point of time. I approached a bus, which was fully packed, and everybody was pushing to get inside. I managed to get into the middle of the bus and hold the seat rod for help. I suddenly noticed a lady of around 30yrs standing next to me; she was married and was looking stunning in her chiffon sari with shawl around her. She was having a good figure with good breast line. I always have a fantasy of bringing women to pleasure in such crowded places and let them explore it with me. I was holding a small diary and was standing holding other hand with the seat rod. Due to immense crowd, she was nearly getting very close to me and I was enjoying as my other hand was getting in between her legs giving a great feeling of warmness in a winter.

After some time, I started getting bolder as I don’t want to miss this opportunity of realizing my fantasy. I tried to step further and was almost touching her. I soon realized that the man standing besides her started speaking to her regarding the child he was holding as the baby was crying. Their conversation revealed that he was her husband and that put me on hold to go ahead as it might lead to a dangerous position if he comes to know about it. The bus was fully packed and no one can move any further and so did I, I kept waited for another few minutes when I realized that she herself was brushing her thighs on my hand and was very cool about it.

It gave me the confidence and I started moving my thumb in between her legs. I was doing it very slowly in order to avoid anybody attention. However, she was now enjoying it and soon she covered my hand with her long shawl she was wearing. I got bolder and started feeling her soft things through her tight chiffon sari. She moved a bit further to help me in exploring her cunt lips and I really got excited, as I know I will be enjoying another few minutes with this lady exploring her wild fantasy. I move my thumb upper to touch her cunt lips and soon I was rubbing her in between her legs. She was getting wild and forgets that her hubby was nearby. She just tried to open her legs further to let me enjoy her fully. My penis was growing due to her wild act and I moved further so that she got a chance to touch that growing bump and she responded positively. Her fingers were slowly touching my growing 6.5” penis. I was now successful in removing her panty to side with her help and now my thumb was sliding slowly in and out of her wet hot pussy. I was enjoying this and want her to give me more access but soon I realized that we are in a crowded bus and her hubby was standing nearby. I was busy enjoying finger fucking her in a crowded bus and her eyes were closed enjoying with rhythm, as her ass was moving in slow motion to help me.

I soon realized that she was forced ahead which was further helping me in going deeper , I checked nearby and realized that her hubby was smiling and pushing her slowly further to help me, he was saying something in her ear and that put a wild smile on the face of that lady. I was now thinking that what’s going on and very soon I realized that her hubby moved from his place further and was standing near to us, he was in that position that he was covering us and ensure that no one can feel what’s going on. I tried to remove my hand but she was not ready and kept moving her ass slowly.

I then realized that this couple is enjoying this adventure and its trump card for me. I became bolder and start pushing my fingers deeper inside her. She slowly started giving gaps in between to help her uplift her sari so that I can feel her pussy. It was from one side only and very soon, my fingers were enjoying her bare flesh. I was shocked and amazed as this was happening in a crowded bus and her hubby is supporting her. I was trilled to fuck her more vigorously as her pussy was hairless and fully wet. I soon found that my zipper was open and she was trying to put her fingers in side my pant to enjoy the feel of my hard rod. She soon exploded heavily and my hand was full of her love juice which made me go mad and I also exploded my cum in her hands. Her hubby seems to be enjoying this a lot and we all shared a wicked smiles on our faces. We quickly adjusted ourselves as my stop was very now.

Sex with Gowri Teacher

This is an incident happened in my college life. When I was studying second year 12th standard in science group.

This is my first affair, that too with my Teacher. About Teacher: Her name is Gowri and she is married. On that time she is 26 years of age. Whitish in color with good shaped Boobs. But she doesn’t have the children even after 4 years of married life and they were worried about the same. The cause for not delivering the child is only her husband. That’s only knows to her not to her husband. Even while discussing with her she told me once “let the god decide the time to give me a child”. That world becomes true through me.

I was taking tuition for my 12th standard. I don’t have any intention to have her on the bed. Honestly speaking Even I doesn’t have the intention to see her boobs or curves. This is happened just 4 or 5 months before that the wonderful evening. I am very poor in botany, and she is our junior lecture in botany. I used to get first marks on all other subjects except botany, as I was poor in drawing diagrams.

Normally she wore a Sari at the time of taking tuition. Very rarely she would be in a Nighty. Luckly for me on that day she was wearing a nighty. Most of us were paying our tuition fees and she searched a place to keep the money. Since she was wearing the Nighty, she opened the upper zip and tried to keep it in her Bra. But luck would have it she didn’t wear a Bra on that day. She kept the money near to her, but forgot to close the nighty zip.
I went close to her to show my notebook for correction. Because I drew the diagram very badly. She bent towards me to teach show as to how to draw the diagrams. She was concentrating on the notebook and I was watching here lovely boobs, which were very clearly visible to me, up to the portion of nipple.

Almost all the time I spent only to watch the boobs, which made me compulsorily see her boobs and curves from that day. I started t think of her day and night. Believe me God has done some homework before he invented her. She has such a beautiful figure.
Because of some illness I did not attended the tuition for 4 days before the Onam Festival. Normally we celebrate Onam at our native place which is a near by village. Since this is my last year of School and the exam are going to be very important for my life and I missed classes tuition for 4 days my father and mother decided to leave me at my aunt’s place for attending the tuition. I went a day before Onam to Tuition and by then my family members had left for my native place.

When I am reached the tuition Gowri teacher told me that the tuition is closed for all the 4 days of Onam holidays. I told her that my family has gone to my native village and I have stayed back with my aunty for catching up with my studies.
She then said that you could stay at my house and study for the exams. She asked me if I wanted to take lunch. I told her that I am staying with my Aunty. Then she asked me to do self-study for an hour. I kept watching her while she was cleaning the house. I asked her if I could be of any help to her. At last she agreed to my helping her and during such time I got several chances to touch her and get the vibrations from her body.

One of such job we both wants to change the place of one table from one place to other. We both lifted it from one end while her husband from other side. In that process she slipped and fell down with me. I fell down on her with my face exactly on her boobs. I could not recover my self from that and her husband helped us to recover.

After the tuition got over, she asked me to come in evening around 4.30 and she will take another class to me. I came there around 4.40 and found a bit confused as she was packing the luggage. She clarified me that her husband is going for out of station to see her mother-in-law and asked me to wait for an hour. Her husband left and she became free around 6.00. She told me that I she is a bit tired and I want to take the classes in her bedroom. I said no problem and went inside the bedroom.
She is wearing black color Sari with same color Blouse. It is transparent to show the white Bra. Normally she will ties her sari below Naval. She called me. I am just following her by seeing her back, which is very good to see. Then she asked me to take the Zoology Book. The Chapter she is going to teach is “Human Reproductive Organs”.
She told me “If you are strong in this chapter you not only can secure 22 marks in the exam but you can also be a good husband to your wife”. You can ask me any doubts without any hesitation. Because this is very important chapter from study part and your life part. I kept silent and watching her lip movements. Then she asked me that “Do you have any relation ship with any of girls or ladies before”. Suddenly I said No. Then she asked whether you are having any experience of seeing BLUE FILMS.
I said cleverly “I don’t know what is BLUE FILMS. Then she laughed and said, “Have you seen any sex movies”. I said yes. She asked what kind of Movie that is. I said some bond movie. It is a BF category movie. No madam it is ordinary movie. Then she asked me what are all the reproductive organs. I said cock of gents and pussy of ladies. Then she asked me how the reproductive process is organized. I said by inserting Lund into pussy and by delivering the juice form cock inside the pussy will be the reproductive process. Then she asked me how the juice would come out from cock. I said I don’t know. Then she asked me what are all the sexual organs. I asked is there are any differences in reproductive organs and sexual organs. She said yes. I said I don’t know. Then she explained, all the parts of human, which are attracted by others, are sexual organs.
For example ladies is concerned Eyes, Lips, Boobs, ass, buttock, lap, etc. for gents Lips, Arms, Chest Hairs, Lap, etc. These are all come in the range of sexual organs. She asked “you are not answered me that how the juice will come from Lund”. I said, “It won’t come automatically”. Then she said the juice would come for both. That will come because of over excitement. I asked how the gents would get excitement. She said by kissing, by seeing the boobs& curves, etc.
I said I don’t understand. She explained when the person is kissing other person who is lady, and then automatically the both get excited. I kept my face little confused manner. Then she said would you like trying that with me. I laughed and kept quite. The she said no problem try once. And she taught me how to kiss a lady. First, have an Eye contact and they try to bring her face into your palm and slowly kiss her. I just done the same. I first touched her face and brought her face very near to me and slowly I brought my lip towards her lip and placed my lip on her lip very slowly. And after some minutes I pressed her lip though my lip. Only after few minutes I opened my lip and try to open her lip. First she doesn’t co-operate then she very slowly opened her lip and allowed my tongue to go inside her mouth and try to get her saliva. After some time she done the same with her tongue. I have done the same process at least of 15 minutes and she disabled her self from me. And asked me how you are feeling now. I said with shy I was excited like anything. Then I asked her you madam. She said very casually little bit excited. Then I asked her “What I have to do to make the lady full excitement”. She said the lip kissing is only the starting. After that you have do some other things like squeezing the boobs, sucking the boobs, sucking the pussy& ash hole. Then I kept quite. She asked would you like to do it with me. I am slowly said Yes madam. She showed the green signal for me to do whatever she wanted.
Then once again I brought her face towards me and started her lips. But this times some vigorously. And I gone back to her and still I am kissing her cheeks and tried to place my hands on her boobs. Exactly the same I have done. Then I squeezed her boobs very well and stripped herbaria down. And just opened her blouse hooks one by one. And I have come to the front side and kept my lips on her boobs with bra and sucked. But that is not enough for me and I have opened her bra by taking the same in upward side. Now my loving boobs were in front of me to suck. I just forced her towards bed and started sucking her boob directly and my one hand is squeezing the other boob. I have become mad of sucking the boobs. And I have come to the bottom. Her red panty is already made wet. I smelled the panty and started to suck the same from outside. Then I tried to open her panty. But she pulled me from bottom and she started removing my shirt and pant and my panty in no time. She was wondered by seeing my 7″ Lund in front of her. She just showed some hesitation to touch the same but I am signaled her that do she can do what ever she wanted. She kept that in her mouth directly and liked the prejuice. At the same time I am bit hurry to see her Pussy. Then I kept my Lund in her mouth and I turned to suck her pussy. I opened her panty and I was very excited that her pussy was very clearly shaven. She made it ready for me to suck. I licked the outside juice. For the first time I was going to open the lips of pussy. I opened the lips and saw the rose color. I kept my tong inside her pussy. Due to over excitement the juice is coming-out very frequently. I don’t want to waste any of those. I have taken all the juice to my mouth. And she asked to me to give some juice in her mouth.

Then I started squeezing her boobs and her milk came out and I licked it with my mouth and she downloaded all the milk with her mouth. Then she called me to come up. Then we shared the milk, which is available on her mouth by kissing each other. Then she asked me to continue the sucking job very vigorously.

She started shouting fuck me Anil. Then I came to know that this is right time for her to take to climax. I moved upward and started kissing her lips and squeezing her boobs. I asked her to keep her legs broader in V shaped. She just showed the way for my Lund. She kept her two fingers for sending my Lund inside. I am just placed my Lund on front of her pussy lips and just pushed inside. Because of the extra juice my Lund didn’t find very great problem in going inside. But her pussy was showing some stiffness for having my Lund inside. I slowly started jerking my penny in out. She shouted fast. I made it fast. Then she shouted with pain. I didn’t bother and made banged her hard with all my strength. She was beautiful to see with the dancing boobs. Then I reached climax and downloaded all the juice inside per pussy and she also came.

I got my breath back but she was breathing very heavily. I made myself disabled from her body and lay next to her. After some time she started kissing me. The time was 8.30 pm, she asked me if I can stay with her. I said I love to but my only problem is that I have informed to my Aunty. She immediately dialed my aunt’s and told her that I will keep Anil with me. My aunty readily accepted. She asked me if I would like to take some dinner. I said, I have already finished my dinner and you served me a very good treat. She kept smiling and we had dinner naked. After dinner we had a nice bath and for the rest of the night we were very busy exchanging the sex to each other. We had lots of sex on all the 3 days and even after holidays I screwed her whenever I got a chance.
One day she told me she became pregnant and I heard other teachers say that Gowri teacher has become pregnant.
I am happy that I have become a father.